Report Backs Full Scope of Practice for APRNs

June 28, 2018 at 3:14 PM / by UC College of Nursing

nurse-hospital-supply-closetA report released this month by The Brookings Institution recommends states move to a fully authorized scope of practice for advanced practice registered nurses to reduce costs and improve access to health care.

In many states, advanced practice nurses—nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, nurse anesthetists or nurse midwives—are limited in the tasks and procedures they can perform and their degree of independence, ranging from entirely autonomous to collaborative or consultative arrangements with physicians.

According to the report, scope of practice restrictions “restrict competition, misallocate resources and contribute to increased health care costs without providing any discernible health benefits.” The report’s authors encourage states to reduce these limitations to allow providers to practice at the level of their education, training and experience.

Download a full copy of the report, “Improving Efficiency in the Health-Care System: Removing Anticompetitive Barriers for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses and Physician Assistants.”

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